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With the announcement of a national lockdown on 4th January 2021, we will be unable to support internal visits with the use of rapid tests, in line with government guidance. Visits within our designated visitor suites can continue as normal however, and should be booked in the usual way. End of Life and essential visits will be facilitated as per government guidance. With the commencement of vaccination programmes in our Care Homes we will be reviewing this situation in line with advice from Public Health England and will welcome you back in to our homes with rapid tests as soon as it is safe to do so.

Latest news

2021 is looking bright as vaccines have already begun for staff and residents

Ross Isbell, the Manager of our Grovelands care home, was one of the first people in the UK to receive the coronavirus Pfizer vaccine. We’re using every opportunity we can to protect those in our care, as well as our colleagues, friends and families, and the vaccine is one of the ways we’re doing so.

Ross received his first of the two vaccines on the 9th December at The Academy in Yeovil Hospital, with the follow-up vaccine booked in for the recommended 21 days later. He was inspired to get the vaccine as he felt it important to lead by example for his team and to help protect residents from getting unwell.

He found the experience to be extremely efficient and well organised and took comfort in how friendly and knowledgeable the staff were at The Academy. Since having the vaccine, Ross has experienced no side effects, other than the expected achy arm for the first few days.

Upon reflecting on the past year, Ross had the following to say:

“It has been a very turbulent year trying to keep our residents safe and working in very challenging conditions. We’re all trying hard to keep morale up for our residents who are all missing their families and getting out and about.”

For those concerned about having the vaccine, Ross said it is ‘simple and painless and will save lives.’

Ross is not the only staff member to have sought the opportunity to get vaccinated and protect others within Somerset Care however. The following homes have already had the majority of staff receive their vaccines, with the remainder booked in for early January:

The remainder of our homes across the county and in the Isle of Wight, are waiting to be called in for their vaccines, based on how the NHS are rolling out the vaccination programme to care staff.

We're also delighted that from the 30th Decemeber the vaccine programme has begun to be rolled out to residents as well. Cooksons Court, Greenhill House and Lavender Court have had NHS staff visit the home and administer the vaccine to the majority of residents. This is yet another boost as we make our homes a safer environment for all involved, as we aim to protect residents, staff, and all our connected family and friends from the virus.

More information on each of our care homes, including how to contact them, is available here.