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Resident case study: How Norma grew to love her new home

Making the decision to move into a care home is never an easy one. Leaving your home comforts and the house you’ve made into a home for decades, everything that you’re familiar with, can be understandingly daunting.

This was the case for Norma. Having worked as a teacher for several decades in the local community, moving into a care home held a lot of angst for 90 year old Norma, although she took comfort in it being located in her home village of Somerton. Living on a farm, ran by her son, it was easy for Norma to feel isolated and would often only see her son and carers a couple of times a day.

Norma’s husband had been a resident at Wessex House prior to his passing last year so it was difficult for her to return to the home. However, having witnessed the excellent care her husband had received, Norma knew that if she had to move, this was the home for her.

With coronavirus causing the nation to go into lockdown, Norma was understandably concerned about how she would be able to keep in touch with her family, including her daughter who lives in America.

Off her own accord, Norma wrote the following letter to staff about her experience after her first week in her new surroundings. It is with great delight that Norma has allowed us to share her story and we can confirm that she has continued to blossom since becoming a permanent resident at Wessex House. She enjoys weekly skype calls with her daughter and grandchildren, has made so many friends at Wessex and feels this has really enriched and improved her quality of life.

 Norma's letter:

6th April 2020

A week today I came to Wessex House and thought you might be interested to know how I am feeling. I hated the very idea of coming here; leaving a home I had lived in for over 60 years, with a wealth of memories and treasures never to see again. On March 22nd I was 90 - the big 9 0!

On March 25th I moved to Wessex House. Arriving at 12 o'clock we were met at reception by Julia. Hardest of all was saying good-bye to [my son] and knowing I might not see him again until coronavirus dies down. Julia showed me to my room and has been very kind to skype my daughter in Florida so she can speak to me. For the last few years she has tried to make me come here so she is pleased.

The first two nights I hated and couldn't sleep and was in pain, insisting I slept in the chair and not the bed. At Yeovil Hospital I had fallen out of bed twice. Then on Friday, Katy came and suggested I sat in my wheelchair to eat my breakfast at the little table so I could really enjoy the food. Later she suggested going into the dining room for lunch. It was pleasing to see the spacious room and to sit at a well laid out table. Although we have to be 6 feet apart, at least we can see each other and exchange names. I can speak to Joyce and know she is next door to me. Now I go to breakfast and lunch and in the gap I sit in the wheelchair at the desk to write any letters.

So at the end of the week I am feeling positive about the move, sitting in a light and airy, pleasant room and with the amazing care I am receiving, knowing you are doing a job I never could - 12 hour shifts feeding and toileting and responding to constant bell ringing, having to eat your meals on foot. Many thanks I return and I promise not be to too bossy (hard for a teacher of 37 years!) to do what you ask, try and stand up and not to make unnecessary bell ringing.


Ensuring Norma is relaxed and feels at home, the team at Wessex House aim to provide a comfortable, welcoming and encouraging environment, while providing exceptional care. Revelling in the company of her new friends, with an endless supply of books, Norma can pick and choose what activities to partake in from the comprehensive activity programme also on offer within the home. Most of all, Norma enjoys being cared for by the kind devoted staff.

How Norma felt is not unusual. Moving into a care home is often a big step and can therefore feel hugely unsettling, not just for the residents themselves, but the loved ones that surround them. This is completely understandable, and something Somerset Care prides itself on combatting; through dedicated staff who are passionate about the care and love they provide, Somerset Care ensures residents continue to lead a fulfilling life in their care.

More information on Wessex House can be found here, or feel free to call 01458 273594 to discuss your needs with a member of staff. To discover other care offerings and locations of our homes, click here.