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Home First team deliver first class care

If anyone ever needed a reminder of why we are all so passionate about care, it is customer feedback like this, which every now and then, just validates and confirms the difference we make to people's lives.

The Somerset Care Home First team work specifically with discharged hospital patients, supporting the transition as they readjust to life back in their own home.

One recent patient and his family were so thankful for, not just the actual care and support, but also the knowledge and advice they were able to share, making the ongoing journey that much easier.

Some of the comments received included...

"...I wanted to take the opportunity to send through my thanks to ALL the carers who came out to support my husband in the initial 10 days of arriving home..."

"...he received fantastic care from Mike Barrington-Heaven, Lito, Megan Fox, Kelly Taylor, Tracey Murray, Heather and Verity. They were all extremely professional, kind, caring and went the extra mile chatting to him making him feel comfortable and giving him gentle guidance."

"All of these factors made the transition home as smooth as it possibly could be. It was extremely helpful for me as well to observe and learn as many ‘top tips’ as I could and increased my confidence levels so I could safely care for him when the morning and evening visits came to an end."

"We were very blessed to be part of this ‘Home First’ package..."

"...your team who supported us both as we would like them to have our thanks and reinforce what a fantastic job they are doing for the community, not only with their care, but immense wealth of helpful knowledge."

Well done Home First team, what fantastic feedback!